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82 Provident North Street
De Tyger
Cape Town
South Africa

TEL (International) +27 21 939 8252
TEL (Local) 021 –939 8252
MOBILE 084 548 7826
FAX ( Local) 021 – 930 5662

GPS Co-ordinates
33*, 53' 24.86 degrees South and 18* 35'53.94 degrees East

Olive Grove Guesthouse Directions from Cape Town Airport
  1. Start at CTN_International Airport and continue west for 387 m.

  2. Turn LEFT and continue in a circle into Borcherds Quarry Road and continue LEFT in a north western direction for 1.57 km. (You will cross over two robots and at the third robot you will turn RIGHT INTO MODDERDAM EAST-WEST ROAD.) (M10 to Bellville)

  3. Continue (in a north eastern direction for 1.91 km.) crossing one robot and before the second robot you will need to be in the left hand lane. (Parow/Tygerberg M29)

  4. Turn LEFT into De La Rey Road ( M29 - PAROW TURNOFF) and continue north for 6.17 km, crossing over Voortrekker Road and Frans Conradie Road

  5. Continue up the hill crossing two speed bumps in the road and after the second speedbump turn RIGHT into PROOT STREET and proceed until the stop street, at the stop street turn left and immediately right into our driveway
  6. Olive Grove Guesthouse Guesthouse on the corner of Proot and Provident North Street

Olive Grove Guesthouse Guesthouse
Total distance = 10.10 km
Estimated travel time = 10 min, 50 sec.

Banking Details
ACCOUNT HOLDER Olive Grove Guesthouse
BANK Standard Bank
ACCOUNT NO 274306336

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